How to Make Bootable Live Usb Using Command Line in Debian and It’s Derivatives

Making a LiveUSB using command line is easy and does not even require any extra software. It is the use of DD command which will enable you to make bootable USB to install or try Linux based distros from that very USB device. So, let’s get us started.
Plug in your pen-drive or USB device. Now you have to have the path name of your pen-drive. In this open Terminal, and execute the following command:


From here, you can easily find out your USB device. In my case, it’s sdc1. In your case, it does not necessarily be sdc1. Your device may be in sdb1 or in another path. Whatever it may be, just remember it and execute it, as it is.
Now we got the device path name. Your device is already mounted. Before making bootable USB you have to unmount it.
sudo umount /dev/sdc1

Now, execute the following command to make the Live USB. It’ll take time depending on your ISO image file size.

sudo dd if=/path/to/file.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M

This will create the bootable USB. Here /path/to/file.iso is as the name suggests. For the path of the file, press Ctrl+l from keyboard. This will show you the address-bar in GNOME environment. Copy-paste this replacing /path/to/file.iso and rest will be the same.


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