What Is Fedora and Why Should I Use It?

Fedora is Red Hat sponsored community-developed Linux-based operating system. Fedora is the testing ground for RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Okay, I am making it clear. Red Hat Inc. develops enterprise standard Linux-based operating system known as RHEL, in short. It is one of the most stable operating systems. And before incorporating any software in RHEL, developers at Red Hat have to be sure it is stable. And for that purpose Red Hat started Fedora Project. Fedora Project consists of many projects and one of them is Fedora Core, which is now known as Fedora. Fedora uses all the bleeding edge softwares. Here stability is not the main target. Users can use all the latest and greatest softwares.And it is not that Fedora is unstable. Software, when released, is more or less stable. Developers of a software will not release any unstable version unless there are any urgent necessities.

Fedora is a combination all. It uses RPM package manager. RPM is developed by Red Hat and used in RHEL and Fedora and also in their derivatives.
Fedora is fun. You can have the bleeding edge softwares with stability that will bring you ultimate productivity. Fedora always tries to be the first to bring the latest innovation in Linux world. And if it succeeds, it eventually incorporates the features in RHEL. So if you are a Red Hat fan, or prefer RPM over DEB, then use Fedora. It has got all.


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