Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon Review: The Ultimate Linux Distro Gets Even Better

Linux Mint 17.2 released with improved Cinnamon 2.6 and a more polished user experience. Linux Mint 17.x series features the same Ubuntu base i.e. Ubuntu 14.04, but with updated Cinnamon desktop.

Linux Mint 17.2 comes with the improved Cinnamon desktop, which is now more polished and sleeker than ever! From an end user perspective, apparently much works have been done to refine the user experience of Linux Mint Cinnamon edition, and the result is the better than ever Linux Mint release.

Linux Mint founder and lead developer, Clement Lefebvre, once announced that his one of the goals is to make ‘every Linux Mint release better than before’. And that’s no wonder why we get ‘better than ever’ Linux Mint release with every new release!

So what’s new in this release? Here are some notable changes found in this release:

  • Cinnamon has been checked with static analysis tools for probable memory leaks. It’s now much more responsive, and loads even faster. The total CPU usage by Cinnamon has also reduced dramatically. All of these sums up to a sleeker Linux desktop.
  • Cinnamon can now be restarted without rebooting your system, or even without closing your current applications and tasks. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Escape and Cinnamon will restart with brand new instance. It’s handy in case of any system crash.
  • It now handles multi-monitors better than before. The same applet now can be used in multi-monitors. Panel support has also been improved a lot.
  • Cinnamon now sports a re-designed Settings application. It’s now simplified and better designed than before.
  • Power manager, brightness and batteries have been merged together. All these can be accesses from a single power applet now.
  • Nemo, the Linux Mint file manager, now supports plugin manager.
  • File operations i.e. copy/paste now happens in sequential manner, rather than going on in parallel.
  • Update Manager has also been redesigned with better usability in mind. Update Manager is now simpler and updates’ names are now more human-readable.
  • Login screen also got some under the hood improvements.

Besides from these, Linux Mint introduced command line tools for better usability. Recommend packages for any particular package can be found using the apt recommends package_name command e.g. to see the recommended packages for transmission bittorrent client, execute apt recommends transmission command in terminal.

With this release, Linux Mint has set yet another step for becoming the de facto Linux desktop. With traditional yet modern Cinnamon interface, Linux Mint is delivering a Linux experience that is simple to use and gets the job done with ease.


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