Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts for Window Snapping in Xubuntu 14.10

You can snap windows in Xubuntu 14.10 easily using the keyboard without ever touching the mouse. Having assigned the keyboard shortcuts for tiling or snapping windows boost productivity. You can be more productive while working with the keyboard only. But as you’re using Xubuntu, it’s taken for granted that you’re ready to exposed a little to the rodent. However, let’s see how to assign keyboard shortcuts for snapping windows in Xubuntu 14.10. In fact, it’s pretty easy and straightforward.

  • Go to Whisker Menu > Settings Manager > Window Manager > Keyboard.
  • Scroll down until you see four consecutive options saying tile windows to the {top, bottom, left, right}.
  • Double click on the relative Shortcuts field of these four, one by one and then assign keyboard shortcuts for each of them. For example, double click in the blank space under Shortcuts field relative to tile windows to the top and a pop-up dialog box would appear. Now press the key-combination you want to assign for snapping windows to top. Likewise, assign keybindings for the rest three.
  • Close the Settings Manager after you’re done.

You’re ready to use this feature, I mean pressing the assigned keyboard shortcuts for the intended snapping right now.


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