Connecting to the Internet Using DSL Connection in Gnome And/or It’s Forks

GNOME and its forks, i.e. Unity, Cinnamon, etc. uses GNOME Network Manager. You can easily connect to the internet using the DSL connection.

  • Right click on the NetworkManager Applet or nm-applet. In some systems, it would be named as Network Connections.
  • Select Edit Connections.
  • Go to DSL tab. Select Add.
  • Go to PPP Settings. In the Authentication section, keep PAP and CHAP as selected methods and unselect the rests.
  • Now go to IPv4 tab. From Method, select Manual. In Addresses, Add Address, Netmask and Gateway. Write down the DNS server address in the respective field.
  • Now go to DSL tab and put down your username and password. No need to provide with your Service name. Now Save it.
  • It would appear in Network Manager Applet just afterwards. Select it from nm-applet. You would get connected to the Internet.

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