Control Volume Using Keyboard Shortcut Keys in Debian 7 Xfce

Debian 7 Xfce edition does not show the volume control indicator on panel. You can make it appear on panel by simple tweaking. Else, you can use another user friendly volume controller for Xfce. Another great alternative is to use the keyboard shortcuts for controlling volume. This way you don’t have to use mouse and it’s rather easy.
For assigning shortcuts, go to Settings > Settings Manager > Keyboard > Applications Shortcut. Click Add. Now paste the following commands:

  • For increasing volume (Volume Up), use the command below:

amixer set Master 3+

  • For decreasing volume (Volume Down):

amixer set Master 3-

  • For toggling mute and unmute,

amixer set Master toggle

After each command, assign a shortcut key/s. That’d do.


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