Disconnect 2 | Blocks The Sites That Tracks You

Disconnect.me is a privacy awareness and security app service founded by Brian Kennish, a former Google and DoubleClick developer and Casey Oppenheim, a consumer and privacy-rights advocate and attorney. Disconnect offers browser extensions that prevents third-parties from tracking you as you browse online and keeps you safe for those tracking eyes. Three extensions/app are available under Disconnects’ banner:Disconnect 2-which blocks the companies that tracks you, Disconnect Search-which lets you search privately from your favorite search engine and Disconnect Kids-which protects your private data from leaving your phone likely iPhone and iPad.
Disconnect 2 and Disconnect Search are available as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Disconnect Kids is available for iPhone and iPad.
When you enable Disconnect 2 for your browser, it would add a button in your bookmark bar. This would indicate in green the blocked sites/third-parties. You can unblock any site you want. This blocking of sites doesn’t affect your browsing speed. Rather, Disconnect increases your browser speed by many times blocking these third-parties.
Disconnect Search lets you search privately from your favorite search engine. It prevents your search engine and even your ISPs from logging your search histories and make them anonymous. You would be safe as intended while surfing net.
Disconnect Kids makes your private data private by protecting them from third parites. Your private data could not leave your pjone without your consent. You would be safe in your iPhone and iPad.
Disconnect project runs by public donations. You can contribute to this project to make the web safer and open as it should be by helping them developing their awesome apps.
To know more about Disconnect, visit their FAQs page.


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