How to Add Day, Date and Related Others in tint2 Panel Clock of Crunchbang

By default Crunchbang shows the military time format, e.g. 17:40 or in actual format, %H:%M. This doesn’t suit everyone. You might want to add the day, month, and year to it. 24-hour format may not work for you. You can choose 12-hour format instead.

To know about the available time and date formats, open Terminal and execute the following:

man date

For your ease, I’m showing you my format. I chose %a %e %b %Y  %H:%M:%S. This shows me like this Mon 3 Mar 2014 17:45:40.

You can choose as I did or tweak the settings the way you want it. For changing the clock of tint2 panel, do the following:

  • Right click on the desktop and from the drop-down menu, go to Settings > tint2 > Edit config file.
  • It would open tint2 config file in Geany text editor. From the Tool-bar select Find.
  • Find for time1_format.
  • You’ll find the format as it’s value. Change it to the way you want. Save it after you’re done.
  • Right click on desktop and from the drop-down menu, select Settings > tint2 > Restart tint2.

Your tint2 panel clock would be changed according to your choice.


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