How To Install Fonts In Debian XFCE Using CommandLine

Unlike Debian GNOME, Debian XFCE does not have any font viewer. So installing fonts is not one-click away here. You need to manually install fonts using Terminal. But things are not as hard as it may sound. It’s pretty straightforward.
First, copy the fonts that you intend to install in your Home directory. Just copy-paste the fonts. You can use the Terminal or normal mouse-button, the way you want. Now, I’m assuming you have copied fonts in your Home directory.
Open Terminal. Execute the following command:
cd /usr/local/share/fonts
This command would direct to the fonts folder. Now to copy the fonts from Home directory to the fonts folder, do the following:
sudo cp ~/*.ttf
This would copy all the TrueType Fonts (TTFs) from Home directory. If you want to copy any specific font, then use the following:
sudo cp ~/fontname.ttf
Now execute the following to change the administrative rights of these fonts:
sudo chown root *.ttf
Now go back to the root directory with the following:
cd ..
Now for system-wide implementations of these fonts, do the following:
Your fonts are now installed. Isn’t it easy and fun?


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