How to Mount Internal Hard Disk Drives Using Terminal in Linux Distros

You can easily mount internal hard disk drives using any GUI file manager in Linux distros. But using terminal emulators as a file manager is fun and it gets the work done without fuss. So, here’s the procedure:

  • See which drive you have to mount using lsblk command in terminal:


  • This would show you theavailable storage devices. Find your drive from here. Find the exact name e.g. sda4.
  • Now, create a directory in /media with any name.

mkdir /media/any_name

  • Now mount this disk drive in this any_name directory.

mount /dev/sda4 /media/any_name

  • Alternatively, you can create temporary directory in /mnt, e.g.

mkdir /mnt/any_name

And then,

mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/any_name

  • Here I’ve given example with the sda4 disk drive. You can use any, or to be precise, the disk drive you want.

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