How to Read the New York Times for Free?

You may have faced difficulties reading The New York Times online. The New York Times website gives you access to 20 articles for free. Then a banner pops up demanding subscription. But as everything has it’s flaws, so does the procedure of The New York Times to block you from reading their newspaper online. So how does it work? How does The New York Times knows how many times have you accessed their articles? This is simple. As some of you may have been aware that your browser keeps cookies. Every time you browse any website, your browser keeps cookies, or so to say, web histories. That’s how websites can tell how many times have you accessed them. And that’s our leverage too. You can simply dodge this system and read unlimited articles from The New York Times and other similar websites like The Wall Street Journal. Here are some procedures to read unlimited articles for free:

  • As I told you, The New York Times detects your accesses through your browser cookies. So one procedure is to remove/delete your browser cookies as soon as you leave The New York Times after reading.
  • Another procedure is to use the Private Browsing Mode. Firefox has Private Browsing mode. The same technique is there in Google Chrome but with a different name. It’s Incognito Mode. Use these modes to read articles for free. Your browser does not save cookies in these modes.
  • The New York Times has both Twitter and Facebook accounts. Follow them. If you click the link of The New York Times from any of them, then it would not be counted. You can read unlimited articles for free by clicking the links provided in these Social Medias. Use Google Search, it is not counted either. Search Google for any headline and follow the link. It would not be counted and it can browse The New York Times for free in this process.
  • There is a Bookmark Extension that lets you access the blocked articles. Say, you have read 20 articles already. Now at the 21th article, you would face a blockade saying you have to subscribe or you cannot read any articles. Then use this bookmark extension. It’s known as NYTClean. Go to this link. Drag and drop this NYTClean bookmark extension in your browsers’ bookmark bar. You are done. When you face blockade offering the subscription, then click this NYTClean from bookmarkbar. The blockade would be removed and you can read any articles continously.

These are some procedures to read The New York Times for free. You can take any procedures you like. NOT all of them are needed to be implemented at a time. Any one would do. If you face any problem, let me know.


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