How to Show Date/time in Xfce Panel on Debian 7 Wheezy

The default clock application in Xfce supports only Time to show in the Xfce panel. It would show you date if you hover the mouse pointer over it. Xfce is a highly customizable desktop environment. So it’s no wonder that you can edit the configuration file of clock app and make the ‘date’ appear in Xfce panel. For about it is in Xfce doc. But there is an alternative method that would allow you to show the date and time in the Xfce panel simultaneously. It’s known as DateTime plugin. The technical name is xfce4-datetime-plugin. Chances are it’s already installed in your distro. If it’s already installed, then add it as an item in the panel. Search for DateTime in the dialog box that appear and then add it. Go to its properties and change the way it displays in your Xfce panel.
As you have DateTime application added in Xfce panel, you can now remove the clock app. There is no need to have to app for the same purpose.
More about it is in Xfce doc.


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