How to Use Any 2G/3G Modem in Any Linux-Based OS

Literally every 2G/3G modem supports the latest Linux-kernel based operating systems. You can run your modem in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and/or in their derivatives seamlessly. Only problem is that the software included may make things worse. I mean, you can use them perfectly as mobile broadband, that won’t create any problem, just you cannot, in this way, use that included software. Otherwise everything is just fine. Alternately, you can use the modem as it is, I mean, you can use it through it’s included software. That way, your computer wouldn’t detect it as mobile broadband. You might face some problem. So my advice is to go with the easy way: use it as mobile broadband. This way you can use GrameenPhone, Teletalk 3G modems  and others. The process is pretty simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below:

  • Plug in your modem. Your Linux-based OS would detect it as CD-ROM drive. Don’t worry. Just Eject/Unmount it.
  • Now, after a while, your Network Manager would detect your modem. Select Auto Mobile Broadband and follow the steps that appear. Select your country, select the operator and then you’re done.
  • You can start browsing the Internet from that moment.

Remember: If you have a DSL connection connected to your computer, unplug it beforehand to make the modem work. I experienced that when the DSL connection cable is connected to my computer, the modem doesn’t work.


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