Image Viewer for Linux That Can Open Large Sized Image Instantly

I was depressed with my default image for GNOME. Its Eye of GNOME or eog for short. It takes some time to load large sized images. So I was searching for an image viewer for Linu that can load images instantly- no matter how large that image file is. And I found the answer. Thanks to some guys from reddit, who helped me with suggestions.
If you prefer GUI based image viewer, then go for GPicView. It’s simple and loads images instantly. ImageMagick, another image viewer with GUI, also does the job.
If you prefer CLI based image viewer, then use feh or Svix instead. In fact, almost all the CLI based image viewers load images instantly.
So if you were depressed with your image viewer for not loading images instantly, then use the one that you prefer from the aforementioned ones.


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