Prism Break | a Site With Suggestions to Keep You Safe Online

PRISM BREAK is a great site with suggestions on which software or service you can use to opt out of data surveillance. Governments are spying on you; your every footstep online is being monitored. You’re no longer safe online, you data safety is at risk. User privacy is now at stake. You can hardly protect your identity online. Surveillance programs like PRISM, XkeyScore or Tempora are there to monitor you everything, everywhere.

In this situation a good protective way could make you safe online. You may not able to completely protect yourself from these surveillance programs, but you can make it hard for them to follow you online. So what can you do this instance? My advice is stop using proprietary software. Stop relying on them. Proprietary software is the main source to pry on you. Use the free software instead. By “free software” I didn’t mean software which is only free of cost; here free stands for freedom. Know more about free software from Free Software Foundation’s site.

PRISM BREAK site enlisted all the available free software for you that they thought of as safe for you. These are free and open source software. The main aspect of free and open source software is that they are frequently checked by the volunteer programmers/developers. So any malicious code in them would be removed in the next security release, that’s for sure. Your safety would be ensured. It’s tough for the surveillance programs to pry on the users through free and open source software. I would say it’s impossible. Instead they give pressure on companies and corporations to make backdoors in their proprietary software to pry on you.

Leave proprietary software and use free and open source software instead. Open source software is gaining momentum these days of surveillance programs. Join the force to use software which protects your privacy and respects your data safety. Use PRISM BREAK site to know which softwares are there to make you safe online. Almost all the proprietary softwares have their alternative free and open source softwares. Use them instead. They are in no way inferior to those proprietary softwares.

You privacy is important to you, so is your safety online. Say no to governments surveillance programs and use free an open source softwares.


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