Scrot | Take Screenshots From Terminal on Debian GNU/Linux

Scrot is a command line based SCReen shOT taking tool. It’s very powerful yet handy screenshot utility. You may think it’s being command line based is its shortcoming, but it’s now. That’s its power. Scrot is user friendly and usage is very easy.
Scrot is available in your Linux distros repository. Install Scrot on Debian.apt-get install scrot

Now you can take screenshots of the entire desktop or any specific window or any part of it. Scrot is very handy in this aspect.

  • Execute the following command to take the screenshot of the entire desktop.


  • You can even specify the destination folder and file name.

scrot ~/directory_name/file_name.png

  • To take the screenshot of a particular window, or any part of the desktop or of any object, just execute the following command. Then click your mouse to one edge of the screenshot and make a rectangle up to another edge of the intended screenshot.

scrot -s

  • You can delay the screenshots. You might be doing something and for that matter the screenshot would be great if it is taken at a specific moment afterwards. The format is:
scrot -s -d N
Here, -d stands for delay. N denotes how many seconds it has to delay. For example,
scrot -s -d 10 
This would take a screenshot after a delay of 10 seconds.
  • You can define the image quality. Minimum image quality is 1, whereas the maximum is 100. The default image quality is 75.

scrot -q 60

This would take a screenshot of image quality 60 (out of 100).
  • You can even reduce the image size. 100% is the original image size. You can take the reduced screenshot by specifying it like this:

scrot -t 25

This would take a screenshot of 25% reduced sized image.
This is pretty much of it. The development of Scrot is not active now. But who wants more than that from a screenshot utility?

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