Solution to “unable to Mount Windows 8 Filesystem” in GNU/Linux Distribution

Windows 8 has introduced hybrid boot/fast startup. This process hibernate the system for fast shut down of Windows 8. That creates problem. While fast shutting down, Windows 8 hibernates the system and lock the filesystem for that reason. That’s why you cannot mount Windows drive in Linux. This problem only persists for Windows 8. I’ve faced this problem while duel-booting Ubuntu with Windows 8. Like every problem, it has got a solution. The solution is pretty simple. You’ve to turn-off fast satrtup option in Windows 8. For that do the following

  • Go to Control Panel > Power Options > Choose What the Power Button Does > Change settings that are currently unavailable
  • Uncheck Turn on fast startup ( It is checked by default. Just uncheck it. )
  • Save Changes

That’s it. Your problem’s been solved. You might observe slower startup of your Windows 8 as we’ve turned off fast startup.


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