Symphony Gofox F15 With Firefox Os 1.4 Review

I craved for a Firefox OS phone for a long time. At last got Symphony GoFox F15, the only Firefox OX run handset available in Bangladesh, which runs on Firefox OS 1.4.
Firefox OS is still in it’s puberty. I wish I could say that Firefox OS brought revolutionary changes to the table! It almost feels like Android-ish. Some differences are noticeable though.

  • Unlike Android, Firefox OS doesn’t have any Apps drawer. Rather, you can find everything on the home screen. Just swipe left and right for accessing multiple home screens.
  • It uses HTML5 as it’s underlying technology. The whole concept is based on the web technology. The advantage here is that, it can access web pages as native apps. And that was the plan! Firefox OS’s ‘adaptive search’ is that revolutionary service which would find everything related to the term entered. It gets results from popular online sources and shows them in the search results. Just tap on any one them and you’re there! You can make any search easily accessible anytime by making it favorite. Even you can use any of the search result as an app! Even more, you can use any service natively without even installing it. That’s the beauty of adaptive search. I kind of like the idea. Though, the main idea behind this adaptive search is from an app called It’s available for Android and reportedly, Mozilla invested in this app. That makes sense!

So overall, how’s the experience so far? Well, I cannot decide yet. The interface is kind of lightweight, but it’s more like a half-baked cake. I found Samsung’s Tizen OS powered ‘Samsung Z1′ to be more polish.
Apparently, all the Firefox OS run devices come with the Home button only. I mean, no back, or menu button is there; but seriously? Surprisingly, it goes pretty well. You wouldn’t need those keys in Firefox OS anyway. It’s designed this way.
Apps installation and uninstallation process is pretty straightforward and easy. You can install any app available in the Firefox Marketplace with just one tap. And to uninstall that app, just tap and hold it for a second, tap on the close button and confirm deletion. That’s it. No big deal!
This Symphony GoFox F15 with Firefox OS 1.4 comes with everything you would expect from a basic smartphone. It’s got simple call, messaging, email, notes, etc. default apps. These just work!
Firefox OS is a great operating system under active development. Mozilla’s target group for Firefox OX run devices was the undeveloped and developing countries’ people who doesn’t have the access to the high priced smartphones. Now Mozilla seemingly changed it’s mission. Reportedly, Firefox OS will now concentrate on bringing something new to the table as well as removing entry barrier for the poor people to the ‘smart’ world. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to compete with the strongest player in the market, like Apple and Google.


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