Copy-Paste Texts Simply Using Mouse in Linux Mint

This is a hefty little trick of copy-pasting texts using the mouse. And yes, I’m NOT talking about selecting texts, pressing the right button of the mouse and selecting ‘copy’ from the drop-down menu to copy texts. I’m talking about a more straightforward and easy way to do that.

To copy a text just select the text/s. The text can be a letter, or a word, or a whole texts. That doesn’t matter. Just select the text with the mouse and voilà! It’s copied to your mouse buffer. Now you can paste the text/s anywhere!

Another trick maybe for pasting text/s? Yes, indeed! Press the middle mouse button, or the wheel-button to paste any texts. It’s that easy!

Try’em now! Linux world is awaiting you with a lot more to get amazed!


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