A new browser is in town | It’s Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a fast, flexible, customization new browser from Opera’s former CEO Jón S. von Tetzchner. It stands for everything that made Opera what it is today. “Vivaldi was born for Opera changed it’s direction”, according to Vivaldi’s official site. I tested Vivaldi’s Technical Preview 3, though technical previews are not up for any kinds of review. Nevertheless, a just did one anyway. Vivaldi is build upon the web technology, using JavaScript. It’s based on the open source Chromium project, and bunch of other open source tools; though it’s not open source itself. Being a free and open source software enthusiast, I found Vivaldi lacking in one area, it’s not open source. Other that that, it has got everything you could dream of having in a modern browser. It’s designed aesthetically. The user interface is gorgeous. Hands down! The look and feel is awesome. It’s very fast. It renders pages as quickly, if not slower, as Opera. It has some brand new features as in the browser industry as far as I know.

  • Tabs changes colors according to the color scheme of the opened pages e.g. for Facebook, the tab color changes to Facebook Blue, for G+ it changes to red, etc. If not anything else, it just looks awesome!
  • You can stack or group tabs when you have lots of tabs opened. Managing or scrolling through tens of tabs becomes anything but intuitive. Making stacks or groups of similar tabs make it easy to manage tabs.
  • You can tile two pages, like you do in your desktops, right in the browser. This feature comes handy when you’re comparing two web pages. And you don’t have to open two browser window for this purpose anymore!
  • The main strength of Vivaldi is, it’s extensively customizable like hell! You can tweak anything and almost everything in Vivaldi starting with rearrangement of tabs e.g. you can make tabs appear in right or left, or even in bottom! You can do these customization for other elements of your browser.
  • Vivaldi comes with loads of keyboard shortcuts. They’ve developed it with power users it mind. Keyboard-driven users can get the most of their browsing experience with Vivaldi. It has a Quick Commands feature with which you can search through the open tabs, bookmarks, history, etc. just by simply pressing Ctrl+Q. The just start typing what you’re seeking and you shall get that with instant search.
  • Vivaldi even comes with note facility. You can note while browsing any page. You can even save any screenshot of the webpage/s.
  • Vivaldi is likely to start in-browser email client. Email client will be built-in. The work is currently under development.
  • Like other most browser, you can sync everything from every device running Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is a new project but it has got potential; potential to become a heavy contender in browser industry. I am impressed with all the features Vivaldi has to offer. Though I got some glitches (bugs) here and there, I took them for granted as my testing ground was a technical preview. To me, it lacks in one area, that is, it’s not an open source software. It could have been much sweeter!


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