How to Edit Favorites e.g. Movies, Music, TV Shows, etc. on Your Facebook Timeline

Sometimes you might need to edit your favorites i.e. movies, music, etc. that you liked on your Facebook. You may want to delete some of them, edit privacy for others, or hide them. You can do that easily.

Just go to:

Now, if you don’t know your Facebook username yet (I mean, really?), then go to your Facebook profile. When you’re in your Facebook profile page, look at your web browsers’ addressbar. There, you’ll see something like

Say, your facebook username is imnobody. Then in the addressbar, you’ll see the address will be

Now what you’ll do is, add a forward slash (/) and the word favorites at the end of your username. The whole address in the addressbar should look like this:

This address will take you to your Favorites page, where you’ll see everything you’ve liked till now. You’ll see your likes being categorized into Movies, Music, etc. Choose a category and edit your favorites. You can delete anything that you’ve given a like earlier, or even hide it. Hope it helps!


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