Setting Wallpaper Using Feh in Openbox

feh is a fast, yet powerful command line image viewer. It’s a swiss-army-knife for images, and fits perfectly for setting wallpaper in openbox window manager. You can choose it to set wallpaper in openbox, instead of those GUI-based tools and get the job done with ease.

To set a wallpaper using feh, open the terminal emulator and execute the command in the following format:

feh --bg-scale /path/to/the/image/file

Wallpaper can be set in any scaling options: tile, center, fill, max or scale. Replace scale in the above command with any scaling option you like.

Mention the path of the image file replacing /path/to/the/image/file in the above command.

Once you’ve set wallpaper using feh, it creates a .fehbg file in your home directory. The path is understandably ~/.fehbg.

To have the wallpaper there that you’ve set using feh every time you login, or when you begin a new session, add the following line in your ~/.config/openbox/autostart script:

sh ~/.fehbg &

This would make your wallpaper appear evey time you start a new session.


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