Learned Markdown Syntax and It’s Awesome

I just learned Markdown syntax. It’s just what I needed!

Markdown was initially intended to easy conversion of plain text into HTML. And now it’s developers and programmers favorite syntax.

I love plain text. Plain text is great for storing data and it’s here for good. The specialty of plain text is: it’s universal. Plain text is not going to die away anytime soon. One problem I faced using plain text is, while opening in Windows platform, the Unix-formatted plain text acted differently. Though there’s way out to convert Unix-styled text to Windows or Max-styled text format. But why do that when you have Markdown syntax?

Markdown is available and is supported in all platforms. But as of its’ origin, Markdown is native to the web. It’s great for web publishing and storing data. It uses only a few punctuation marks as special characters, and voilĂ ! Your plain text is formatted in rich format.

Markdown syntax is human-readable. Anyone can read any markdown formatted text with ease. Markdown is simple and easy. Learning Markdown syntax takes only a couple of minutes and a few hours of practice. And you can use it for all your textual needs.

Markdown is great for programming environments. Even books are being written in Markdown syntax for its’ ease of use and straightforwardness. Markdown also supports scripting. You can use your normal text editor or any specialized Markdown supported editor for Markdown purposes. Markdown is nowadays very popular amongst developers and coders. You will find it everywhere and won’t regret learning or using it.

The original Markdown is there with detailed descriptions. GitHub and Stackoverflow have their own flavored Markdown. Choose what suits you best. I stick with the traditional Markdown.

What do you do with Markdown?


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